Installation or Sanding



Step 1- Free Estimate/ Inspection

The refinishing process begins with a thorough inspection.   It’s important for Lakeview Flooring to check the floors and ensure it is a good candidate for refinishing before starting the project.   During this inspection, you will receive a full estimate so we can fully discuss all services and products as well as collectively establish all goals of the project.

Step 2- Sanding- Making the old floors look new again!

Each project is different and could vary on timing, however the process is similar.  We begin the process with a thorough sanding down to the bare hardwood. Sanding removes the old finish, smoothing over years of wear, the minor dents and scratches while removing the coating off of any areas that had been poorly finished.

Step 3- Sealing and Refinishing

Once we are down to the bare hardwood and all is smooth, we will use a combination of our commercial-grade, Bona Traffic products to seal and finish the floor.   All stains/color will be available for your inspection before staining the entire floor.

Dry time may vary depending on weather and the amount of finish the wood soaks up.


4 coat system

Refinishing a floor to perfection is a delicate process and an art that comes with years of experience.

Lakeview Flooring uses a 4 coat system to protect them and make them look new again.

What does a 4 coat system mean?

After sanding down the existing finish to the bare wood, Lakeview Flooring uses a 4 top coats when finishing a floor to ensure it will hold for years of wear and tear.  This system includes a sealer (or stain) and 3 top coats of Bona Traffic finish.

Learn more about the Bona Traffic on REFINISHING page here.

The Sanding Process:  Removing old finish and make floors look new again.

NOTE VIDEOS MAY BE LOUD.  It is recommended to turn down volumn or mute before playing videos.

First Sanding

Edging Sander

Radiator Sander

Final Sanding

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